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Who We Are?

Our department has over fifteen years experience in the maintenance of air conditioning units in the harsh summers of Kuwait. Keeping your employee and family cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Years of Experience

Faisal Al Mulla Elevators

Our History

1982. Foundation

From a humble beginning in 1982, Faisal Al Mulla started the first company to offer elevator service and maintenance not restricted by make or model. This offered customers the option to choose a company other than the traditional “brand name” company they obtained their elevators from. This offer of choice supported with quality service was the recipe for success.

1986 . New Departments

In 1986 the company took the next step with adding two new departments, elevator sales and air condition repair.

1989. Show Room

In 1989 the company opened a show room providing elevator models to assist customers in choosing and inspecting the quality of merchandise supplied. This was another first in Kuwait.

Continues to Grow

The company continues to grow by providing an alternative solution for our customers.

Mission Statement

To provide total customer satisfaction by providing efficient, safe and affordable elevators customized to the customers tastes. To provide quality servicing of the elevators to attain long lasting, smooth running vehicles based on the customer’s needs.

Vision statement

To lead the market in quality, safe, and high-end residential and commercial elevators to last a lifetime.