Maintenance and Servicing

An elevator is only as good as its maintenance and all our maintenance contracts are backed by:

Years of experience from being the first company in Kuwait to provide elevator service not limited to any specific make or model

A highly skilled maintenance team

24/7 response team to aid trapped passengers

Replacement of defective parts with genuine and high-quality parts

Assessment of safety and reliability

Company Values

Our company values are an integral part of our daily work schedule as it sets our guidelines on what the customer should expect.


The safety of our customers comes first and foremost as we take all the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our customers as certified by the Kuwaiti fire dept.


Trust between the customers and our company is our ultimate priority. Within our 38 years in business, we have accomplished customer and brand loyalty. We guarantee you the best customer service 24/7.


Our employees are our backbone, which is why we treat the company as one big family. We invest in creating strong ties between the company and its personnel in order to ensure everyone work in a professional manner.

Our Partners

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2020 Numbers

Our Major parts are supplied by IGV, a leader in Italian elevator supplies, all our elevator parts are certified by the Kuwaiti fire dept to ensure the consumers safety.

  • 2300+ Projects Completed
  • More than 38 years of experience
  • 2000+ Monthly customer maintenance
  • 40+ Daily Maintenance
Daily maintenance
Monthly Customer Maintenance
Projects completed